Lost & Found


​After a year of the C-business, it's time to take stock.

Things I have lost

  • Performing
    Like most of the performers on this planet, I have a very empty calendar right now. It's too depressing to write about in more detail, so I won't.
  • Topics to blog about
    There's enough being written about the c-word without my contributions, I think. I don't want to add to that river of miseries, and not much else is happening, really. If you have ideas for not covid-related topics, drop me a hint!
  • Motivation to practice
    Since there are no concerts to prepare for, I find myself struggling to want to practice. What for? is the question. General improvement? My own enjoyment? Sometimes, yes. Consistently, no.
  • A significant amount of my income
    'nuff said.

Things I have found

  • Podcasts
    I know I'm very late in joining the party, but this winter I've discovered the joy of listening to people telling me about things. There's just so many of them to choose from, so I'd love to hear your favorites and recommendations.
  • Knitting a pullover
    With enough time and patience it is possible and quite rewarding. What astonished me most was that the thing I created actually looked like a real pullover - it had the right amount of sleeves in the right places and all that jazz. And it almost fits. Magic. Now I'm trying to make a cardigan that has buttons. It will probably be ready in 2029.
  • Importance of family and friends
    In times of crisis, you gather your troops. There's nothing quite like re-learning to skate with siblings (after a 15-year break) to get your mind off, well, the world. Or playing a boardgame with the person you live with and getting so upset about losing that it almost feels like you have no bigger things to worry about.
  • The uncontrollable-ness of dust
    Spending more time at home means more dust. It's everywhere, eternal, and impossible to control. I feel like there's an important philosophical truth hiding among it somewhere, just waiting to be found.
  • Civilization IV
    The only computer game I knew in my childhood was Civilization IV. I downloaded it in December, and now I'm Catherine the Great. My cossacks are feared wherever they go. I build cities and trade with other emperors, and then kill all of them and burn their cities. And then I go back to my knitting.
  • My bookcase
    I have 47 books that I haven't read. That means at least a year of something to do.