On CVs (director's cut)


Basic info

Name, age, phone number, email, etc.
...and all the other communication channels I'll be checking five times a day while waiting to hear from you.

Short introduction

Jenna Ristilä is one of the most important people in the world. This season she performs in all the right places, and teaches future Richters. Ristilä is also working on multi-dimentional cross-over projects that will reinvent music. This job/grant would help her unleash her true potential.
Actually Jenna Ristilä works on enough things to pay most of her rent, but if you would give her this job/grant, she'd pay all of it.


The highest possible grade from all the things. I was in schools, took courses, performed and generally kicked ass.
Let's skip my music history grades. And the second theory course. And why the graduating took so long. Focus on the positive? Right?

Attended several summer courses by highly prestigious professors and learned so much about music and technique.
Yes, attended several summer courses; met awesome people and drank cheap red with them, tried to explain Finnish sauna culture to foreigners, had a teenage crush or two, and sang Der hölle Rache as a drunken karaoke chorus version. Oh yes, and went to some piano lessons.


Ristilä has performed around Europe. In Finland she is one of the most sought-after lied pianists of her generation.
Alright, Ristilä has once sung karaoke in Berlin, and sometimes singers need her for things.

She loves teaching, and has developed a variety of experimental methods that include finger yoga, vlogging, continuous self-assessment and holistic personal growth.
She does love teaching and she tries her best not to traumatize her students.

Other interests

Raw organic power smoothies, volunteering in a soup kitchen, learning Japanese, and pilates.
In order of importance: sleeping, eating, books, wine.


Choose a font that captures the essence of your identity. Serif or sans serif, that is the question. I'm warning you though - this is one of the hardest parts of making a cv and could take hours. (After trying out tons of cool things, you'll return, exhausted, to Times New Roman. But you have tried.)

The picture

Do you have folder after folder full of pretty pictures of your face? Great! Just pick one and slap it on the cv, and you're done! If, however, you do not have this get out of jail free card and you're forced to consider a photo shoot instead - then you should definitely read my next blog post. It'll tell you all you need to know.