Ranting Pianist's Christmas Wish List 2

  1. First and foremost I'd like a covid-19 vaccine - one that actually ends the pandemic and the restrictions. I think we've all seen enough of this virus business by now.
  2. Snow to Helsinki, in large quantities. And minus degrees, preferably lower than 10°C, for a couple of months. Finnish winter darkness + rain + covid = total blackness of the soul.
  3. The ability to learn music by heart quickly. I used to have it when I was young and the world was beautiful, but I seem to have lost it along the years. If you find it, please send it back.
  4. Playable vocal scores of Wagner operas, with lines and chords that can actually be heard from the orchestra. Arrangers - can you please stop pretending pianists have three hands AND the motivation to learn stuff for all of them?
  5. Last year I wished for a better understanding of the tax system, and the wish came more or less true: I submitted the things and didn't get arrested for tax fraud. That was a big personal win. So this time I'd really love to get an app that creates instant reference lists without any effort from the user - you just think of a reference and ta-dah! It appears on an excel sheet. Surely some coder has already done this?!
  6. A live performance, or ten, or twenty. And if not these...
  7. ...I'd like to win in EuroJackpot, thank you. It wouldn't have to be one of the big wins, either - 10 or 15 million would do just fine.
  8. Oh, and world peace. Merry Christmas to you all!