Ranting Pianist's Christmas Wish List III


This year, dear Santa, I would love...​

  1. To ​keep all ​my​ Christmas gigs
    I have as many as three concerts lined up. Three is a reasonable number, I think. Not excessive, not greedy. So I'm asking you, o mighty covid gods, is it possible to allow me to play them this year? Can we just not have yet another lockdown or a new set of unfathomable restrictions that prevent them?
  2. A​cceptance and enjoyment of solitude
    Having recently become a partner-free, one-woman band, I've had to really harness the power of positive thinking. Yahoo, I get to do ALL the dishes myself! I'm sooo lucky to pay an obscene amount of rent for a flat that probably was originally built for Thumbelina! So please bring a meditation app or something that would help me find the joys of hoovering, thanks.
  3. ​P​owerpoint for ​D​ummies
    In January I'm presenting a thing in a conference and I need to create a powerpoint presentation for that. I've never used powerpoint and am therefore scared shitless. Mastering powerpoint feels way more daunting a task than tax reports, for instance. So some help would be much appreciated, or then massive quantities of patience and perseverance.​
  4. A ​personal trainer
    How great would it be to have a special person tell me what to do, when, and how to do it. Also, I'd love it if they just did all the exercising for me as well.​
  5. Antti Holma's latest podcast to Spotify
    Why, why is it only in a separate, not-free podcast app? He has such a soothing voice and a lovely, weird sense of humour. But why can't he do his thing in a format more convenient for me? Oh the injustice.
  6. V​ery durable green things
    I'm looking for low-maintenance plants that survive in the extreme conditions of my Thumbelina apartment. They must be fierce and not afraid of dying.​

...and also a Merry Christmas and a Joyful New Year to you all!